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How To Prepare Ofada Stew.

Hello Beautiful people.welcome to another chapter on how to prepare different Nigerian delicacies.
On todays episode,we will be discussing how to prepare Ofada stew.
Ofada stew can be eaten with Ofada rice, White rice,Boiled yam and lot of food.
Ofada stew is rich in protein,fat and oil and of course vegetables.

Ingredients for Ofada stew.
*Ripe tomatoes
*Red ball pepper
*Spring onions
*Ogufe(boiled goat meat) or animal intestines.(wash very well and boil till tender)
*Groundnut Oil
*Wash tomatoes,red ball pepper, hybenero and onions.
*Pour in a blender,blend on low speed,make sure the mixture is not too smooth.
*Set aside 
*Put a saucepan on low heat,pour in your oil,a generous amount.
*Allow to heat up for a minute or two
*Pour in your chopped spring onions and onions.
*Stir for two minutes
*Add in your blended mixture and fry for three minutes.
*Add seasonings and salt to taste
*Add all the proteins(but if you using ogufe it should be added when you bout to drop the stew.To avoid the meat from being too tendered.)
*Allow to cook for five minutes
And your Ofada stew is ready.
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