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How to prepare waterleaf soup

Hello everyone, Welcome to another exciting and educative episode on how to prepare Nigerian dishes.On todays episode,we will like to teach you how to prepare WATERLEAF soup.
But before then,a little introduction about the soup.
   The WATERLEAF soup is a Nigerian soup common among the IGBOs.It is mostly eaten with morsel and it can sometimes be eaten with white rice.
Most Nigerians love this soup,buh the preparation is a major challenge due to the drawy nature of the leaf.Here,I will give a simple hack for preparing the soup.
*Waterleaf as desired
*Palm oil
*Blended rodo(fresh pepper) and onions
*Iru(locust beans)
*Stock fish(soak in salt and hotwater)
*Dried fish 
*Fresh fish/meat(any one available)
*Bicarbonate of soda
Method of preparation
*Pick out the leaves
*Put in a large bowl,pour in a generous amount of water and rinse very well and drain out water.Do not scrub the leaves
*Put pot over medium heat,put part of the leaves in the pot,sprinkle salt and add little bicarbonate of soda.Repeat process till all the leaves are in the pot.
*Do not add water to the leaves, allow to cook for five minutes.The leaves will shrink and bring out water.
*Bring down the pot,pour the leaves in a basket and set aside.
*Place a pot over medium heat and pour in a generous amount of palmoil
*Allow to heat up for a minute
*Pour in the blended rodo and onions,fry for two minutes.
*Add seasonings and little salt
*Add all proteins, and cook for six minutes
*Rinse the waterleaf and drain out water.
*Add the leaf to the soup and cook for a minutes or two.
*TADA your waterleaf soup is ready.
*Serve with any morsel of your choice.
It can also be eaten with white rice.
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